Daily washing


  • TARCO Antibacterial hand soap

HAND SOAP TARCO is a creamy, pink soap with neutral odor. It is PH neutral product and does not damage skin with in repeated usage.


HAND SOAP TARCO is suitable in all industries. Since it has neutral odor, it is primary recommended in the food industry.











Persistent and hard dirt


  • TARCO Tarostar gel

TARCO TAROSTAR is a hand washing paste, it has a beige color and a pleasant fruit odor. The product cleans the dirt thoroughly and it is gentle on a hand skin. It contains granules which is easier than water and does not block the drains. TARCO TAROSTAR is biodegradable, does not contain any formaldehyde, clinically tested and PH neutral. The product contains the protective factor and lanolin, and with repeated usage it does not damage hands, it nourishes them. After using the paste, hands become gentle and soft.


The product is predicted for usage in different sectors of industry, everywhere where there is inorganic oil, resin, soot, tar, glue, nitro colors and deep printing colors (auto industry, metal industry, construction, pressroom, forestry and many others).

  • TARCO Orange hand paste

TARCO ORANGE HAND PASTE is a creamy, orange odor cleaning product which stays on the skin long after usage. The paste does not contain alkali and silicone. It is predicted for color removing and washing very dirty hands. TARCO ORANGE PASTE has extra added esters, therefore, it is more pleasant for skin than a lot of similar products.


The product can be used in all sectors of economy as well as households. The product is specifically made for removing colors, oils, glue, resin, varnishes, transfer ink, fat and many other hardy removable dirt.