We show you how it is done!

Our production centre is situated in the Carinthian Rosental or “Rose Valley” – one of the most picturesque regions in Austria. The factory is surrounded by lush green meadows, forests, rivers, and lakes. So we are truly at one with nature. We firmly believe in out motto that long – term success in the chemical industry comes only to those who work in harmony with nature and not against it. Ever since the company was founded 43 years ago, Tarmann Chemie has incorporated Environmental Quality Management systems and we are, of course, certified, (SGS, ISO 9001, Swiss Certicication and HACCP Standards). Research the reason we always one step ahead! The magic word in the industry is simply “curiosity” because people with an inquiring mind carry out the best research. At Tarmann Chemie, researchand product development have always gone hand in hand. Before we add any new raw materials to our products, we conduct analysis and carry out thorough testing and research. And only when our results match our requirements – and therefore your own (maximum cleaning power with the minimum chemicals) down to the last molecule will we launch the new product on the market. We are also experts in the “oil” business… And another thing: We are flexible and can adapt to the specific wishes and requirements of our costumers. For example – your company is confronted with a large and seemingly insurmountable cleaning or hygiene – related problem. We can assure you that we will find a way to solve it. Our specialists will visit you on site and free – of – charge; they will analyse, run tests, conduct research and generally puzzle over your problem until we can present your company with a tailor – made solution. Naturally, we have a huge range of oil binding agents at our disposal as well as highly effective oil barriers. After all, we specialize in challenging field of clean and environment – friendly oil separation. Leave your problem to us – we guarantee we can find a solution!