Hand disinfiction


  • TARCO Sept 1000ml bottle

TARCO SEPT is non rinsing hand Disinfectant


The product is designed for hand disinfection with people who do the tasks in the food industry, market, hospitality, veterinary, sanitary and medical occupations. The product is a supplement in hand washing and usage of the product does not require water. HAENDE DESINFEKTOR creates a natural protective layer and does not need to be rinsed.

  • TARCO Antibacterial hand soap

TARCO Antibacterial hand soap is a creamy, pink soap with neutral odor. It is PH neutral product and does not damage skin with in repeated usage.


HAND SOAP TARCO is suitable in all industries. Since it has neutral odor, it is primary recommended in the food industry.


Surface disinfection


  • TARCO Multi Desinfekt

This is a concentrated product without aldehydes. It is intended for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces (floor, wall, electric devices, etc.) It can be used in all industrial sectors (food industry, hospitals, aged care facilities, etc.), as well as in all other areas where high level of hygiene is required.


  • It is suitable for cleaning all surfaces
  • High efficiency with a wide range of activities against bacteria, viruses, fungi. The product’s efficiency is checked according to Austrian Hygiene, Microbiology, and Preventive medicine Association
  • The product is registered with Austrian Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventive medicine Association
  • Intensive cleaning – it contains selected active materials
  • The best resistance of materials – suitable for all surfaces (alloyed steel, plastics (not suitable for Plexiglass), as well as all ordinary surfaces)
  • Low concentration of the product leads to lower costs
  • Higher level of safety with regular usage because of long – term effects
  • TARCO Sun Desinfect

It is a liquid for surface disinfection. The product has antibacterial and antifungal effects to all surface disinfection in the hospitals, aged care facilities, saunas, spas and many other industrial facilities for production and food processing.