We provide the highest hygiene standards in all fields of industry!

TARMANN CHEMICALS develops, products and sells a wide range of products for all surfaces disinfection and helps providing the highest hygiene standards in the food and drink production, health care facilities, kitchens, restaurants and other fields of industry. Disinfection is a very important part in hygiene. However, to get a proper and efficient hygiene standard, disinfection has to be part of a comprehensive hygiene program which includes efficient cleaning products, documented procedures, as well as training provided to staff and  control systems. TARCO MULTI DISINFECT is a concentrated product without aldehydes. It is intended for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces (floor, wall, electric devices, etc.) It can be used in all industrial sectors (food industry, hospitals, aged care facilities, etc.), as well as in all other areas where high level of hygiene is required. Besides a wide range of products, TARMANN CHEMIE company and  its all branches all over the world operate according to legal requirements for biocidal product registration, and the company stands for innovations in this area.  Besides that, frequent tests, control, and analysis our products on different surfaces as well as its effects on different microorganisms are our primary tasks so our  disinfection. Cleaning products can always be improved and even more efficient.