• TARCO Super

TARCO SUPER is  a very concentrated multi purpose cleaner, it has green color and very slight lemon scent. It is a biological product,  it is not poisonous and does not burn. The product is gentle on skin and harmless to human health. Before usage, the product has to be dissolved in water, depending on stubbornness dirt. TARCO SUPER works fast and efficiently, and with one act, very thick layers of dirt can be cleaned. On some surfaces, the product does not need to be rinsed. Working with this product., makes everyone’s work easier.


TARCO SUPER can be used  for cleaning all waterproof surfaces. Because of its easiness to operate, it can be used in all areas of economy, egg. food industry, refinery, construction equipment service, train service  and air traffic service, metal industry, paper product industry, mining, road maintenance, agriculture and many others. In the food industry, the product is extremely suitable for cleaning in all areas: slaughterhouses, dairies, bakeries, bottle shops, restaurants, hotels and many others. TARCO SUPER can also be used for plastic parts in the cars and car seats. Very efficiently, the product can clean carpets and floors (tiles, linoleum, laminate, parquet). In summer, the product can be used to remove wine flies from the cars. Nicotine layers in pubs, hardened dirt on plastic surfaces of computers and printers can be very easily removed, with TARCO SUPER there are no more cleaning problems.

  • TARCO Inhibitor

TARCO INHIBITOR is a very concentrated acidic product with green apple smell. The product is consisted of specifically selected  cleaning substances-solvents, which promote cleaning the toughest stains and hardly removable dirt layers. In one single act, the product can clean:

  • very thick dirt layers
  • old fat and oil stains
  • lime layers
  • urine stains in toilets.


TARCO INHIBITOR is primary predicted for usage in food industry, gastronomy, swimming pools, spas, car washing services and many others. The product is universal and can be used in all branches of economy.

  • TARCO Multi Desinfekt

This is a concentrated product without aldehydes. It is intended for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces (floor, wall, electric devices, etc.) It can be used in all industrial sectors (food industry, hospitals, aged care facilities, etc.), as well as in all other areas where high level of hygiene is required.


  • It is suitable for cleaning all surfaces
  • High efficiency with a wide range of activities against bacteria, viruses, fungi. The product’s efficiency is checked according to Austrian Hygiene, Microbiology, and Preventive medicine Association
  • The product is registered with Austrian Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventive medicine Association
  • Intensive cleaning – it contains selected active materials
  • The best resistance of materials – suitable for all surfaces (alloyed steel, plastics (not suitable for Plexiglass), as well as all ordinary surfaces)
  • Low concentration of the product leads to lower costs
  • Higher level of safety with regular usage because of long – term effects.
  • TARCO Clear Drain

TARCO DRAIN CLEANING PRODUCT is in granules, which unclogs the toughest layers inside drains without any difficulty an


TARCO DRAIN CLEANING PRODUCT  is suitable for usage in all sectors of industry, as well as in households.

  • TARCO Magic Blue

TARCO MAGIC BLUE is colorless liquid with a slight smell of linden. It prevents lime layers on all sanitary surfaces and guarantees long lasting fresh smell. The product is pleasant for the environment, it does not overload the wastewater, and the product contains active substance in itself which are more than 90% biodegradable.


TARCO MAGIC BLUE is suitable for usage in all sanitary facilities, spas, sanatoriums primary in public toilets.  The product is used in all industry sectors, as well as in households.

  • TARCO Lavanda Clean

TARCO LAVANDA CLEAN is a universal scented cleaner with alcohol and with a little bit of surfactant. Since contains al


It is used for natural and artificial stone cleaning and care. It also can be used for tiles, ceramics, coated floors, plastic coverings, glass, etc.