Tarmann Chemicals Australia company is a company which is a Distributor of an Tarmann Chemie which specializes in production and distribution of industrial assets for cleaning and hygiene.

     It is understood that Tarmann Chemie products are not environmentally hazardousbecause they are even beyond strict Europian Union criteria affecting biodegradability and water protection. With our products, we also provide a consulting service, practical presentation and training in order to introduce product better and achieving economic profitability.

     The Company Tarmann Chemicals Australia PTY LTD is also known under the business name TARCO Cleaning Solutions and it is located in Perth. Besides our range of chemical products, we provide cleaning services.

       All chemical products are ecological, biodegradable, concetrates to be diluted with water, therefore they are very economical, and they can be used on all surfaces. Also, besides the strictest Europian Union standards, all products have ISO 9001:2008 and EN 9901 certificates, Swiss Certification and support HACCP standards.

About Tarmann Chemie and TARCO

     TARMANN CHEMIE is a highly specialized Austrian provider of products and solutions across the broad spectrum of cleaning and hygiene. Equipped with our own laboratories and research facilities, we are always ready to develop and manufacture exactly the right product to meet your specific requirements and can deliver it to you within the shortest possible time. As you would expect, all our products are environmentally friendly and exceed even the strict EU regulations on biodegradability and the prevention of water pollution. But we are not just a manufacturer – on request, our specialist can provide training for your staff and, if necessary, we will assist in the planning and construction of your plants.

It began with an idea…

….and a garage in Klagenfurt.

     43 years on Tarmann Chemie has evolved into an Austrian – and indeed Europian – model enterprise with branches in 12 countries and 200 employees at home and abroad. Just chance or good luck? On the contrary, in the real world we make our own luck.

     Pioneering spirit, brilliant ideas, tenacity and sheer hard work have been keys to success for Bruno Tarmann and his son, Bruno Tarmann (Junior). According to our corporate philosophy, problems are just solutions waiting to be found – where there’s a will, there’s a way.

     Please read on – you will be astounded by our efficiency and by variety of products and solutions we have to offer.

Thank you for your interest!