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We not only SELL, cleaning chemicals we also provide advice, support and all types of cleaning jobs. So now you’ve found the right company, you need the solution. Whatever your problem  -  from resin-covered machines in your sawmill, germs in your cider bottling plant or large-scale catering establishment to operating facilities covered in lubricating oil. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail, and a TARCO - engineer will come and solve the problem on-site. READ MORE

Environmental protection

We show you how it is done! Our production centre is situated in the Carinthian Rosental or “Rose Valley” – one of the most picturesque regions in Austria. The factory is surrounded by lush green meadows, forests, rivers, and lakes. So we are truly at one with nature. We firmly believe in out motto that long – term success in the chemical industry comes only to those who work in harmony with nature and not against it. READ MORE



We provide the highest hygiene standards in all fields of industry! TARMANN CHEMIE develops, products and sells a wide range of products for all surfaces disinfection and helps providing the highest hygiene standards in the food and drink production, health care facilities, kitchens, restaurants and other fields of industry. Disinfection is a very important part in hygiene. However, to get a proper and efficient hygiene standard... READ MORE

We clean what nobody can

Making one equal ten – keeping costs down! Our chemicals have succeeded in developing a special – purpose product that solves a variety of cleaning problems. Which means it is possible to achieve maximum hygiene with a minimum of effort. Simply dilute the concentrate one part to ten of water and the highly effective cleaning agent is ready to use. We are flexible and can adapt to the specific wishes and requirements of our costumers. READ MORE  

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    Our plans for the future

    Research the reason we always one step ahead!
    The magic word in the industry is simply “curiosity” because people with an inquiring mind carry out the best research. At Tarmann Chemie, researchand product development have always gone hand in hand. Before we add any new raw materials to our products, we conduct analysis and carry out thorough testing and research. And only when our results match our requirements – and therefore your own (maximum cleaning power with the minimum chemicals) down to the last molecule will we launch the new product on the market. Our chemicals have succeeded in developing a special – purpose product that solves a variety of cleaning problems. Which means it is possible to achieve maximum hygiene with a minimum of effort. Maximum HYGIENE with a minimum of EFFORT!!!

    Tarmann cleaning chemicals

    Tarmann cleaning chemicals is a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning chemical products. With business in over 50 countries, our high quality aerosols and liquids are solving problems for thousands of households and companies every day!

    Chemicals for building cleaning

    We offer a premium line of chemicals for building cleaning that provide you with unmatched quality, safety and environmental responsibility! Unlike conventional cleaners, our chemicals are distinguished by excellent incomparable effect.

    » Chemicals for building cleaning

    Absorbers of spilled oil and liquids

    Our floating absorbers of spilled oil and liquids include a wide range of products to help sites quickly and efficiently respond to an oil spill. Whether you need quick absorbents to cleanup spills or a reliable floating oil spill containment boom, we have a solution for you!

    » Absorbers of spilled oil and liquids

    Professional kitchen cleaning products

    We offer a wide range of kitchen cleaning products that can be used in household and in professional kitchens of restaurants and hotels! We offer cleaners in forms of packs, liquids, and powders. Some of them are designed for all-purpose tasks, while others are made for specific jobs...

    » Professional kitchen cleaning products